Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109
Effective July 1, 1977, a Certificate of Residency will be required to substantiate payment of school district costs for matriculation at the Harrisburg Area Community College. A Certificate of Residency will be issued according to the following requirements:

  1. Certificate of Residency will be valid only during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in which it is issued.
  2. No district will be assessed for its one-third share unless a Certificate of Residency is on file with the Community College at the time of billing.
  3. If a person did not reside in a sponsoring district as of July 1 of that year, he/she is not eligible for tuition reimbursement until the next fiscal year.
  4. A student who applies for admission to Harrisburg Area community College at a sponsoring district office will be requested to give his or her address as of July 1 of that fiscal year. If the address differs from his/her current address, the student will be referred to the sponsoring district as of his/her address on July 1. The district where a person has been placed on the tax rolls for the fiscal year will be responsible for the one-third payment.
  5. The standard form to be used for the Certificate of Residency is available at Harrisburg Area Community College or the school district office.
Approved by the School Board - May 23, 1977
Amended by the School Board - June 8, 1987
Amended by the School Board - January 8, 1990
 I verify that I have read the above requirements and believe I qualify for this application.